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Spider-dog Costume 50% OFF

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Beware of the Spider Dog!

Let us introduce you to the newest monster to hit the Halloween scene. A frightening terror, this beast comes out from the basement, the forest, or even the trunk of your car, and when you meet him... you're sure to freeze right in your tracks. The demented look of this twisted beast can only be one monster... the Spider Dog!

  • COMFORT - Made of soft polyester;
  • VERY FUNNY - This cool costume design turns your pet into a scary spideryou can use to prank your friends;
  • EASY TO PUT ON – With 2 Velcro straps;
  • ORIGINAL ACCESSORY - Perfect for your next Halloween party;

Size (approx.):






9,45 in.

9,84 in.

14,17 in.


11,42 in.

11,81 in.

16,54 in.


13,39 in.

13,78 in.

18,90 in.

*Choose your size and color under the drop-down menus below.

If you'd like to transform your canine friend into this diabolical demon, just get him this unique spider costume for pets NOW by clicking *ADD TO CART* button below!

For a limited time only, get your spider-dog costume at 50% OFF!!

Note: Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

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