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Interactive Food Pet ball

This Pet ball is the perfect interactive learning, feeding and playtime toy. So, if you are a proud cat or dog owner, bring home this fun feeding toy! 

  • MENTAL & PHYSICAL STIMULATION OF PETS UNDER 30 lb - Just fill it with your pet’s favorite small-sized snacks and toss it to them. Your pet will love tossing and rolling the ball to get their snacks out - turning feeding time into an interactive playtime activity;
  • FOOD DISPENSER & TRAINING BALL - In the pursuit of retrieving snacks from the ball, pet’s senses get stimulated as they roll it back and forth. The treats fall out from the toy as a reward to pet’s activeness, so this learning activity follows the positive reinforcement principle. Experienced Veterinarians recommend slow feeders to aid digestion and reduce bloating. Encourage your pet to play with treat ball as this allows them to eat in small portions;
  • CLEAN PET’S TEETH HASSLE-FREE - The ball is made keeping busy pet owners in mind. The benefit of this Challenging puzzle ball is that it cleans the pet’s teeth apart from offering unlimited fun. So if your pet is not comfortable with using a toothpaste or dental treat, this ball serves as an alternative that uses pet’s natural instincts to improve their dental health. This is also recommended for teething age puppy;
  • KEEPS YOUR PET ENTERTAINED FOR HOURS WHILE SAVING YOUR FURNITURE - Your dogs and cats will have hours of fun getting the food, while hearing the cute squeaking sounds from rolling the Interactive Food Pet ball. It’s the perfect tool to use when you want to keep them busy and at the same time, help them fight obesity. Plus, save your furniture from the chewing damage as they go on the destruction spree due to boredom;
  • BUILT TO LAST - Please note that the Interactive Food Pet ball is made from strong materials and no matter how notorious and active your furry friend is, this dogtoy is practically indestructible;
  • NON-TOXIC - made of BPA-Free rubber.

Diameter (approx.): 2.8 in.

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