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Chelsey Dog Leash

Finally a leash that allows you to have your hands free!

  • GREAT CONTROL - Built-in handle ensures your instant control;
  • ADEQUATE RUNNING ROOM - Your dog can comfortably run in front of you, or beside you, without feeling like you are stepping on his heels. The 57 inches leash is long enough to provide plenty of room for both you and your dog - short enough to not get in your way.
  • CONVENIENT BUNGEE - The durable bungee allows for an absorbed extension (78 inches) for strong pulling dogs.
  • VISIBLE - The reflective thread will make sure to improve your visibility around roads at night;
  • QUALITY MATERIAL - Tough, durable and weather resistant to hold up against even the most active of dogs.

Specifications (approx.):




Waist: 31.5 - 41 in.

Width: 2.2 in.


Round Bag

Diameter: 3.2 in.

Width: 4.3 in.


Square Bag

Length: 3.9 in.

Width: 2 in.

Height: 5.2 in.


Length: 57.1 - 78.7 in.

Width: I in.



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