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The smart and safe way to remove ticks from your dog!

  • THE ONLY TICK REMOVER YOU NEED - Our tick removal tool allows you to remove the ticks completely, painlessly and safely from your dog. It is a perfect alternative to chemical-filled sprays and creams that can cause allergic reactions.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - Keep the tick removal twister in your backpack, tackle box, your first aid kit and anywhere you might need it. Those bright color tools are also visible in the grass, which is a huge plus for outdoor enthusiastic!
  • SAFE MATERIAL - They are made of injected plastic (polyoxymethylene=pom). this polymer plastic was chosen because it is recyclable, can be incinerated without pollution (No chlorine fumes during combustion) and for its solidity and resistance to ether and most solvents.

Steps to Remove the Tick:

Slid the tool under the tick, then simply twist and pull. It will not squeeze the tick’s abdomen and will not leave the tick’s head parts in the skin.

*Tips to Remember*

After removing a tick, please remember to disinfect the bite area with an antiseptic and wash hands thoroughly. For extra protection, after you come back inside, toss your clothes into a dryer on high heat for ten minutes to kill ticks that might still be hanging on.

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