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Satisfy your cat's need to Scratch with the Mimi Cat Scratcher. It’s a fact, cats need to scratch! What looks to you like a naughty kitty clawing at your sofa, carpets or drapes is actually a cat doing what is natural and necessary. But, can both your cat and your furnishings live together under one roof? Yes, with the Mimi Cat Scratcher, an effective and fun scratching alternative for cats.

  • SAVE YOUR FURNITURE - By giving your cat an appropriate place to scratch that he'll love to return to;
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Made with recycled cardboard;
  • PERFECT FOR SCRATCHING - The Corrugated Cat Scratcher will surely satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts;
  • LONG-TERM USE - It is reversible to use for a very long period of time with durable and condensed cardboard.

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