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We love everything about our dogs except one little (or not so little) thing. Yes, it’s that daily chore of picking up our dogs’ poo!

Do it the old-fashioned way by bending down (back-breaking) until you are eye and nose level with the offending package whilst breathing in all sorts of unsavory smells & bacteria, or try the Dog Pooper Scooper.

  • WE LOVE OUR DOGS BUT THEIR POOP IS ANOTHER MATTER - No more bending over to pick up not so fragrant gifts left behind by our favorite pets. The 11” long handle keeps your hands, face and nose away from the offending large or small load and the double spring technology closes the bucket tight shut making cleanup completely sanitary;
  • EASY TO CLEAN & ALWAYS READY TO USE - The collecting bucket is covered with a bag so the scoop itself never comes into contact with the “dirty business” and unlike other scoopers, won’t get poo stuck all over it. In the event that you don’t have a bag handy, the non-stick, antimicrobial plastic makes cleanup a breeze. Just rinse it off with the garden hose or under a faucet;
  • FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE - Use this to pick up those smelly messes from any surface: grass, gravel, concrete, dirt, carpet or tile. Whether you’re housebreaking a puppy and you have to clean up the little deposits in your house, cleaning up after the dogs in the yard or being a good citizen on your walks, it’s always handy & the kids will actually fight over the cleanup;

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