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To leash or not to leash?

Posted by Mélanie De Nobile on

If you are a dog owner, walking your dog is probably part of your daily routine. Do you sometime feel like you don’t need a leash to walk your best friend? Or do you think that your dog is happier when free to run? What might seem like a simple decision could have many consequences. Here are some important things to consider before walking your dog without a leash.


Sudden and unpredictable situations

Even if your dog is very well trained, there will always be that possibility for a situation to happen which you have not trained him for, and sometimes the consequences could be really bad. It could be a cat, another dog that is aggressive or too excited for your dog, a noise, a kid, and the list goes on. Dogs are sentient beings capable of individual thought processes independent of your desires, especially during unknown or surprising situations. For example, if your loose dog sees a squirrel or cat, he could chase after them and get lost or hurt.


Other people and your dog

Your dog might be very sweet, but some people don’t want the extra affection and love he wants to share with them. Some may react very badly if your dog suddenly ran to them…even just to say Hello!  


Can be stolen

Dogs are stolen for all kinds of disgusting reasons – abuse, puppy mills, research and to be used as bait dogs. A dog attached to you by a leash is a lot harder to steal.


You won’t notice if he’s doing his business in inappropriate places

Regardless if your dog is loose or not, you are still responsible for cleaning up after him. However, if he is loose, you may not notice that he is lifting his leg on someone’s car or pooping on your neighbor’s yard. It’s more responsible to keep him where you can see him.


It’s the law

Several states have state-wide dog leash laws and requirements, so if there’s a law in your state that your dog must be leashed (and under your control, not one or the other), you must put the leash on the dog.


Now that you are aware of the possible consequences, here are some positive aspects about leashing your dog.

The benefits of leashing your dog

  • It is a great way to show your affection to your pet, as the touch of it gives your dog definite assurance that it is protected, loved, and wanted.
  • It can be an identification service when the collar is attached with a current license.
  • It is a crime prevention device.  A dog that is attached to you will ward off anyone seeing you out walking as an “easy mark”.
  • It mitigates legal issues that may occur if your rambunctious pet attacks and hurts another person or animal
  • You are seen as a good owner and promote good canine citizenship.  You are respectfully allowing others to enjoy the public space too.

If you would like to walk your dog with a leash, but you are annoyed by it, go check out our Hands Free Dog Leash here! It's the perfect solution to walk your dog while having free hands.


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