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How to keep your dog safe and happy this Christmas

Posted by Mélanie De Nobile on

The holidays can be a lot of fun and they can be very stressful. There seems to be a never-ending list of things to do, places to be and people to see. To top it off, it always seems to be the time for unexpected visitors and last-minute entertaining! However, during this exciting (and overwhelming!) time, it's important we don't forget about our four-legged friends!

Here are some easy tips to get yourself and your house ready for your dog to enjoy the holidays safe and happy!

  1. When it comes to Christmas decorations, the rule is simple: Everything needs to be out of reach, especially the Christmas tree lights - you never know what a dog may be tempted to chew;


  1. Make sure to keep any products containing chocolates, sultanas or raisins out of your dog’s reach as these are very poisonous to dogs;


  1. If your family love to get a real Christmas tree, that’s awesome, but make sure to vacuum up loose needles everyday as they can be painful if stuck in your dog’s paws;


  1. Make sure you keep Christmas presents well out of reach, rather than under the tree where an inquisitive little dog may help himself to an early gift;


  1. Don’t give your dog turkey bones. Please ensure that all turkey bones are disposed of safely – if eaten by your dog they can cause severe damage to the stomach and intestines. Also make sure all your visitors are aware of that;


  1. Make sure your dog is happy and comfortable with holiday festivities, whether it’s photos with Santa, wearing a holiday costume, traveling to far destinations or hanging out at your New Year’s Eve party. If your dog seems nervous or unhappy, consider skipping some things or leaving him or her at home or at a daycare;


  1. Visitors in the home can be challenging for some pets. If your dog seems stressed, put him in a safe, quiet place. You’re not excluding him, you’re protecting him from potential stress;


Hopefully these tips will allow you and your dog to enjoy the holyday season safe and happy!

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